With the risk of clean water almost as high as clean air, what are the new ways we can harness the composition of air to harness what it alread has.

The benefits of forest bathing will increasingly be understood and as ar response, it might be prescribed for individuals living in cities.

Awareness of the exposure that takes place in the home is currently very low, but now studies have found that as much as 90% of the day is spent indoors, where levels of air pollution are much higher than outside.

There might be an increasing socio-economic clean air divide. Where individuals will have different access to clean air. Will pollution create a stigma amogst those who cannot access clean air?

Cleaning air is starting to create a benefit for the economy, allowing new start-ups and ideas to enter the market.

Children are already suing the government over their inaction on climate change. In the future, we might see unborn children suing for the risk they go through during pregnancy.

Temperatures in urban environments is exacerbated by the traffic, by concrete and asphalt and tall buildings traping light at a street level. This results in cities being 10 degrees hotter than their environments. New technologies will need to help manage city living.

According to the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA), one third of the industrial energy consumption in the United States is wasted as heat. If we could get even a small portion of it back, we’d be able to decrease power consumption significantly. New technologes and ideas are creating future opportunities for using this wasted heat.

Smog buildings incorporate ion technologies to filter huge volumes of air. What might happen when these buildings are filtering air?

Pollution is redesigning urban planning, with a need for more walking and cycling friendly environments, transit-oriented environments in particular, and generally reducing the space for cars in cities. This can be enabled by technologies such as apps that provide information to travellers, technology to improve efficiencies in public transport etc.