There is a new business in clothing The clothing business is very dirty, there are new ways to offset the pollutants, clothing might have absorbing qualities to address emissions.

A specially treated material is capable of purifying its surroundings through catalytic oxidation.

Increasingly governments are being sued by their citizens for the lack of action in the area of air pollution.

Jewellery that are responsive to air pollution through the way they change either through colour or design, this can allow the wearer to make pollution around them more visually.

Even in very polluted cities, indoor air quality can be worse than the air outside. As well as PM2.5-heavy air entering homes and offices through open windows or poor insulation, high levels of formaldehyde, carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – gases that can be emitted by poor building materials, furniture, paints and adhesives – are an additional concern.

Just like bottled water, premium air is a growing industry. What if you before a meeting had a clean air shot for better productivity?

Noise pollution is an increasing health problem that can be solved by soundproofing; however this involved blocking air from circulating.

Hospitals and other public spaces might need to have an open window legislation to ensure that individuals get fresh air and create a healthier environment.

By scrubbing air, you can create more clean city air. Similar to rain the droplets traps and then takes away the pollutants.

Issue of air being too dirty in the cities, so that citizens use new technologies to clean the air to give them feel better before important meetings or critical moments. Vaping technology can be used to inhale air.