Tech Foresight 2040 - Featured Start-Ups

Each session at Tech Foresight 2040 will feature a selection of Imperial’s innovative start-ups doing relevant work in the thematic space. Engaging with these pitches provides a great opportunity to see what solutions, business models, and technologies are being developed at smaller scale (for now) in the innovation value chain. Find out more below. 


EPiC IMPOC is an intelligent clinical decision support system accessible at the point of care that helps health care professionals prescribe the most appropriate antibiotics.

Multus seeks to innovate through supplying environmentally sustainable and ethically sourced media components to the cultivated meat industry. Our products provide low-cost solutions to other animal-based competing formulations, allowing our customers and their consumers to enjoy truly socially responsible products at an accessible price-point.

Treeconomy use cutting edge techniques to quantify carbon captured by trees. We use an innovative offset-as-a-service business model, allowing land owners to generate revenue & long-term income from planting and maintaining forests.

Moral Machines

Affect AI is a state of the art deep learning solution that provides personalised monitoring of mood from a vocal response to simple questions like ‘What is your plan for the day?’

GroundedLang is a service that detects and verifies textual, visual and audio based content with novel deep multimodal machine learning algorithms for a scalable solution.

Tyre wear and tear is the second-largest microplastic pollutant after single-use plastics. It enters our waterways, the food we eat and the air we breathe. The Tyre Collective aims to mitigate emissions by collecting them at the source to ensure clean air, safeguarding our environment and health.

Malleable Matter

Bio-F Solutions harness the power of microorganisms to produce high-quality nutrients for agriculture, suitable for organic soils, hydroponic systems, and conventional farming. Their biofertilizers are ecological, dramatically increase soil productivity, reduce farming net costs and minimize nitrogen run-off.

Nanomox develops sustainable and cost-effective tailored metal oxides (ranging from nano to macro) for widespread applications of today and tomorrow.