Explore a landscape of an area to inspire your customers, clients and staff to think differently about the future.

Going beyond traditional futures, we can explore the fringes of discussions, which are less well known. This work can culminate in a thought-leadership visual piece or narratives that help tell the story about the future.


When developing future timelines or narrative, we focus the research on exploring weak signals (‘imprecise early indications about impending impactful events’) in the area of interest that have the potential to disrupt the market. We also bring to life a broad perspective of the industry exploring instances across the STEEPV (Social, Technology, Environment, Economic, Political, Values) that could impact the market as a whole.


Our clients have used timelines to excite their clients about their thinking in a subject area. Organisations, such as Tata Consultancy have commissioned us to develop a bespoke timeline for the future of water in the UK. We can create timelines or scenarios that can help bring alternative futures to life.