We bring the future to life

We bring the future to life through the use of visionary academic perspectives and rigorous foresight methodologies.


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We create spaces for business leaders to immerse themselves at the fringes of disruption, and explore breakthrough technology and research through visionary academic perspectives.

Scan the horizons

Understand how the future might unfold. Explore weak signals of change or potential disruptors to your business together with the College’s academics.

Bespoke workshops

Unlock future opportunities, inspire your team to think about the future, identify uncertainties and define your strategic priorities through a collaborative workshop. 

Thought-leadership projects

Develop engaging future visions and roadmaps for your business. Together with academics identify what might be possible and create new engaging thought-leadership pieces. 


Interrogate the possible, plausible and probable futures of thematic areas and disruptive technologies by exploring our thought-pieces from future of air and water to the disruptive technologies that might be next.

Table of disruptive technologies

Interrogate our table of disruptive tech with 100 wonderful, weird (and possibly worrying) ways the world might change in the foreseeable future.

Future of water

A timeline of water over the next 20 years.

The future of urban air

What does ‘air’ mean beyond pollution? Delve into potential future disruption and innovative solutions to issues that impact all our senses.

High performance computing

Understand how the future might unfold. Explore signals of change or potential disruptors to your business.


Contextualise the future of technologies and breakthroughs by reading our speculative interviews with expert academics and exploring our thematic foresight research.

Unlocking the patterns of disease hidden in medical images

Unlocking the patterns of disease hidden in medical images

Next 20 years: Responsible Engineering and Design

The convergence of artificial intelligence, robotics, and big data is heralding a new Industrial Revolution. Every sector of society is being affected by these changes. Amid productivity increases, cost efficiencies and digital transformations, ideas around ethics and responsibility are becoming increasingly important, especially after numerous scandals and public breaches of data. But what ... read more

Next 20 years: Is privacy dead?

Over the past years, there has been public scrutiny of large organisations and their issues of privacy from media to singular whistle-blowers. As we allow more devices and systems into our lives; how might this impact us? What are emerging areas that might protect the individual? Imperial Tech Foresight wanted to find out more and met with Dr Hamed Haddedi to discuss the future of ... read more

Next 20 years: Bionic devices and living electrodes

Bionic devices have been more prominent in the public eye after entrepreneurs like Elon Musk have publicised their visions on the future impact they might have. But what really is the future of bionic devices and how might they help people living with conditions like deafness and blindness? We wanted to hear more about this exciting research and had a conversation with Dr Rylie Green to ... read more


Tech Foresight 2040 Intentional Creations

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Thursday 11 June & Thursday 18 June - 15:00 - 17:00 pm BST Thursday 25 June - 10:00 am - 12:00 pm BST


Join us online for a series of three sessions power by Imperial Business Partners. Leading academics from Imperial College London will discuss how science and innovation can enable intended positive consequences.