We bring the future to life

We bring the future to life through the use of visionary academic perspectives and rigorous foresight methodologies.



Access shorter future-thinking pieces. Here we share foresight interviews with expert academics, our thoughts on emerging trends and methodologies and summaries of new disruptive themes. 

The Futures Triangle of IoT

The Futures Triangle of IoT

The slow-moving wave of the Internet of Things (IoT) continues as more and more consumer-facing technologies, such as doorbells and heat-pump, are deployed. The acceptance, and expectation, of internet connectivity in products and service offerings are increasing for people and businesses. Anticipating the evolution of IoT technologies allows us to harness its benefits while proactively addressing security and privacy concerns. In the realm of IoT, foresight becomes the compass guiding us towards a safer, more interconnected future. In a world full of uncertainties, Foresight is a crucial method as it enables individuals and organizations to anticipate future trends, challenges, and opportunities, and empowers them to make informed decisions and develop effective strategies. read more

Innovation vs regulation: Friend or foe?

Innovation vs regulation: Friend or foe?

“Regulation and innovation go hand in hand together. At Imperial College, we work on a lot of deep technologies where regulation is a key part of the journey. Getting that mix between innovation and regulation right is crucial.” - Dr Simon Hepworth, Director of Enterprise read more

Nature meets Future: Getting Past the Past – Technology Death

Nature meets Future: Getting Past the Past – Technology Death

Most of the discussions about new technologies are about the possibilities that they open.  At Imperial Tech Foresight, we are interested in a different point of view.  read more

20+ Futures

Foresight timelines that showcase potential future perspectives across different themes. Explore disruptive technologies, future of urban air, future of high performance computing and future of water through inspirational and engaging visualisations.

Nature meets future

Tech Foresight 2042

Nature Meets Future

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Scenarios 2041

Computation, energy and the planet

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Tech Foresight 2040

Meta-motivations, moral machines and malleable matter.

blurry people moving quickly

Tech Foresight 2039

Needs and motivation


Interrogate the possible, plausible and probable futures with our niche thought-pieces on an array of themes and topic areas. 

The world in 2050

The future in 2050: What might change? What might stay the same? Check out our interactive feature exploring how low-carbon, climate-resilient innovations could transform humanity’s relationship with the planet.

Table of disruptive technologies

Interrogate our table of disruptive tech with 100 wonderful, weird (and possibly worrying) ways the world might change in the foreseeable future.


Automated Futures

Automated futures aims to inspire future thinking in robotics and artificial intelligence. What might be next? What might be only a dream? 

The future of urban air

What does ‘air’ mean beyond pollution? Delve into potential future disruption and innovative solutions to issues that impact all our senses.



We create spaces for business leaders and academics to collaborate on futures perspectives by exploring breakthrough technologies and future science disruption. 

Scan the horizons

Understand how the future might unfold. Explore weak signals of change or potential disruptors to your business together with the College’s academics.

Bespoke workshops

Unlock future opportunities, inspire your team to think about the future, identify uncertainties and define your strategic priorities through a collaborative workshop. 

Thought-leadership projects

Develop engaging future visions and roadmaps for your business. Together with academics identify what might be possible and create new engaging thought-leadership pieces.