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2041 Scenarios: Computation, energy and the planet

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2041 Scenarios: Computation, Energy and the Planet

Four scenarios presenting four competing visions of the year 2041. Each provides a different account of how emerging technologies will help meet ever-increasing demand for computation and the energy it requires.

Developed with input from Imperial’s world-leading academic experts, we hope they will prompt the question, ‘What would it mean for us if this came true’?

Dive in and explore some possible ways that technological innovation could drive forward societal and economic change.

Past 20+ futures

Experience visionary academic perspectives and foresight research first hand at our events. Explore our events and engage with multiple futures.

Tech Foresight 2038 shifting realities

Researchers discussed how we can adapt to the shifting realities brought on by new technologies and how others are responding to radical technological change.

Tech Foresight 2039

Tech Foresight 2039 was held on 27 June 2019 and we explored technology’s impact on the physical, emotional and safety needs of human experience. Attendees were able to explore what might be next on the technology horizon to help future-proof their businesses and organisation

Tech Foresight 2040: Intentional Creations

In June 2020, we went online to deliver Imperial Tech Foresight: Intentional Creations.

The series of three sessions, power by Imperial Business Partners, brought leading academics from Imperial College London to discuss how science and innovation can enable intended positive consequences, as well as featuring startups from Imperial’s own ecosystem that are tackling the challenges and creating societally and economically valuable solutions.