Tech Foresight 2040

Intentional creations

Across our society, technology – amazing though it can be – is being scrutinised ever more closely for its unintended consequences: The harmful effects that no one anticipated, such as plastic pollution in the oceans and the threat that digital technologies pose to our wellbeing and privacy.

Tech Foresight 2040: Intentional Creations, a virtual conference for tech-driven businesses, took place in June. This page shares the insights gathered from cutting-edge research insights from world-leading academics, we explored the topic across three different themes: Moral Machines, Meta-Motivations and Malleable Matter.


It is now more obvious than ever that for humans to thrive we depend on the resilience of the planet. What can we do to ensure we keep our planetary resources for the next generation?

Technology is increasingly being interwoven into our lives but without real precaution. How might we create more responsible and ethical approaches to technology?

Moral Machines

Malleable Matter

Material sciences can allow us to see the static world differently. How might advances in material sciences allow us to ignite positive disruption globally?

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Tech Foresight 2040 - Technology with the best intentions

Read our post-conference write-up that brings together salient points from across our expert academic presentations. 

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