Tech Foresight 2043: Humans in the futures loop

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Imperial Tech Foresight 2043: Humans in the futures loop takes a deep exploration of the emergence of AI-enabled technologies and their current and potential impacts on intergenerational equality and equity, discussing what agency future generations may have over the decisions made that are powered by policies created by the current leaders.

These ideas will help businesses address potential problems of the future, as future generations will inherit a legacy of what’s come before as well as those yet to happen, all underpinned by the technology being created, implemented and adopted by the current generation. When humans are ‘in the loop’ of technology driven decision making, what are their interests and who is being left out?

What do we mean by Humans in the futures loop?

‘Humans in the loop’ and ‘Computers in the group’ are well-worn business practices, but what does that look like going forwards where AI and computing technology is growing at pace and scale? Check out our introduction of the topic, which has been shaped by our conversations with our Imperial Business Partners members.

Cultural touchstones

Associate Professor Yuri Mishina explores behavioural and value-driven differences between generations in their interactions and engagement with technology, including how AI can impact these – based on bias and interpretation.

Designing for wellbeing

How do we ensure that wellbeing is at the heart of design? By making sure it is the main focus around any new development – and that it’s always fit for purpose. We don’t get it right every time, but Professor Rafael Calvo, from the Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial, explains why it drives him and his colleagues when embarking on new projects, and improving on old ones, and how future-proofing can only be achieved through consistently rethinking the proposition for each generation’s needs.

Diverse insights = greater impact

Imperial’s Larissa Kunstel-Tabet looks back at activities she’s been involved in to bring generations together with design objectives and outputs, such as through hackathons, and why these activities are going to be increasingly important as we look to a future in which AI built with current biases and frames of reference will influence generations that have limited opportunities to influence the decisions. Or will they…?

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