Next 20 years: Additive manufacturing with Dr Billy Wu

25th November 2020
In the '20 in 20 series,' we are revisiting academics talks from Tech Foresight conferences over the past eight years. In these short conversations, we discuss with the academic what has happened and hasn't happened since they gave their talk.

The first academic that took part in this conversation is Dr Billy Wu, a senior lecturer at Imperial College London in the Dyson School of Design Engineering, where he researches electrochemical devices and manufacturing.

In 2016 at the TF2036 conference on materials, he shared his vision on batteries and additive manufacturing. His talk showcased how future technologies can create behavioural and societal change.

As it has gone four years since that conversation, we wanted to hear from him what has changed, stayed the same and what other disruptions might we expect.

Hear Dr Wu talk about:

  • Technology that has matured since 2016, including plastic 3D printing, polymer printing and direct laser metal printing
  • Current industry applications of additive manufacturing, such as for tooling in automotive companies.
  • New technology that combines 2D and volumetric printing
  • How additive manufacturing can aid sustainability

You can download the transcript here. 

Download the presentation from 2016 here.

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