Automated Futures

The visual below is designed to show how different AI tools and techniques link together and how they could pave the way to future technologies that have yet to be realised. It is displayed as a celestial sphere to show the evolving space around the topic area. Be inspired and use it to dream about the unimaginable, speculative and stretchy futures of artificial intelligence, robotics and automation.

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What is this?

The purpose of this visualisation is to help individuals and institutions become inspired about the future of automation and its possibilities. In the map and the accompanying speculative dictionary, we mix prediction, provocation and reality. It is meant to inspire and engage.

On the map, we explore the future around four different nodes: the big white circles showcases the general topics; the smaller white circles point to methodologies and tools; the pink small circles on the outskirts of the clusters show applications both speculative and real; and the large pink circles represent broader applications.

We also have developed a speculative dictionary which includes short descriptions of the different future applications, ideas and current methods. If you are interested in reading it, please email us at: [email protected]

The area of automation and AI evolves rapidly. Therefore, the dictionary and map will never be fully complete, but we hope that it helps you imagine the possible, plausible and probable futures of automation. 

This map is conceived and created by Claudio Sanna and Maria Jeansson, Imperial Tech Foresight, and Dr Antoine Culley, Department of Computing, at Imperial College London. Thanks are due to Professor Aldo Faisal, Nik Pishavadia, Dr Alex Ribeiro Castro, Lawrence Whiteley and the rest of the Enterprise team at Imperial College London.